Global Protect

Secure the mobile workforce

Extend protection to your mobile workforce, no matter where they are

Organizations are scaling their business by enabling mobile workers across the world to use any device to access business applications and data. With users and applications moving to locations outside the traditional network perimeter, current endpoint antivirus and VPN technologies have proven to be inadequate to stop advanced threats. This leaves security teams challenged with maintaining visibility into network traffic and keeping the mobile workforce secured.

GlobalProtect extends prevention capabilities of the Security Operating Platform to mobile workers, regardless of their location. By leveraging next-generation firewall capabilities, GlobalProtect provides greater visibility into all traffic, users, devices and applications. You can extend consistent security policies to all users while eliminating remote access blind spots and strengthen your security.

Protect Your Growing Mobile Workforce

GlobalProtect extends consistent security policies to users at any location and provides full visibility into all application traffic, across all ports. It implements transparent security for mobile workers through an always-on secure connection. With GlobalProtect, you can prevent threats such as phishing and credential theft from stealing corporate data and sensitive information.

Implement a Zero Trust Architecture

GlobalProtect allows creation of precise policies that can restrict or allow access based on business need, whether users are connecting from inside or outside the organization. It provides authoritative user and device identification and enables you to enforce granular access control based on the compliance state of each device and user. Learn more about Zero Trust.

Enable and Secure Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

With GlobalProtect, you can apply customised access control for corporate, BYOD, and third-party devices. GlobalProtect provides granular application access to internal and cloud-based business apps for all devices – including BYOD and third-party devices. It supports automated identification and access control for unmanaged devices.