Cortex XDR Prevent

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Cortex XDR

Safeguard Your Entire Organization with the Industry’s First Extended Detection and Response Platform

Security teams are inundated with inaccurate, incomplete alerts. Today’s siloed security tools force analysts to pivot from console to console to piece together investigative clues, resulting in painfully slow investigations and missed attacks. Even though they’ve deployed countless tools, teams still lack the enterprise-wide visibility and deep analytics needed to find threats. Faced with a shortage of security professionals, teams must simplify operations.

Business Benefits

  • Detect advanced attacks with analytics: Uncover threats with AI, behavioral analytics, and custom detection rules.
  • Reduce alerts by 98%: Avoid alert fatigue with a game-changing unified incident engine that intelligently groups related alerts.
  • Investigate eight times faster: Verify threats quickly by getting a complete picture of attacks with root cause analysis.
  • Stop attacks without degrading performance: Obtain the most effective endpoint protection available with a lightweight agent.
  • Maximize ROI: Use existing infrastructure for data collection and control to lower costs by 44%.

Cortex XDR Prevent, includes 30 days of alerts retention and standard success