Threat Prevention Services

Comprehensive Exploit, Malware, and
Command-and-Control Protection for Your Network

Organisations face a frequent barrage of attacks by threat actors around the world who are looking to make a profit.
Today’s attackers are well-funded and well-equipped. They use evasive tactics to succeed in gaining a foothold in the network, launching both high-volume and sophisticated attacks while remaining invisible to an organisation’s traditional defences – from packet obfuscation, polymorphic malware and encryption to multi-phased payloads and fast-flux DNS.

10 years of threat intelligence for automatic protection and immediate insight

Protection is powered by continuously growing threat intelligence from tens and thousands of global customers collectively sharing trillions of artifacts to prevent unknown attacks.

Free yourself from disjointed point products

Constantly evolve your Next Generation Firewall platform with natively integrated security services for superior prevention by eliminating gaps, reducing operational burden and automating actions.

Stay ahead of new attack techniques

WildFire provides effective threat detection with complementary analysis engines, including machine learning and static, dynamic and other advanced analysis capabilities. It stops advanced attacks with built-in evasion prevention using a custom hypervisor and bare metal analysis, plus it keeps you ahead of attackers with innovative new detection engines – with zero impact on operations.

Automate threat prevention

With WildFire you get immediate automated protections across the platform, stopping malware, malicious URLs, DNS and C2. You simply turn WildFire on, and it keeps your organization safe without any operational impact to next-generation firewalls or other Palo Alto Networks services. You can also get more threat information, including attribution and context, using threat intelligence from AutoFocus.