Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Preventing the Risks of Data Loss and Noncompliance in Highly Distributed Modern Enterprises

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Enterprise Data Loss Prevention - Business Benefits

Every organization must protect its reputation from the threat of data breaches. In the modern world, keeping sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP), safe and private is more challenging than ever. New trends and data usage models affect data visibility and control. As enterprises adopt cloud-based services and their users become more mobile—working from home and utilizing public connections while embracing new data-sharing models—sensitive data becomes more vulnerable to theft as well as prone to both intentional and unintentional exposure. Preventing threats is one aspect, but organizations also need to explicitly address the risk of a data breach by monitoring and stopping unsafe movements of data that is highly sensitive.


  • Comprehensive coverage to discover, monitor, and protect all sensitive data across every network, cloud, and user.
  • High data protection efficacy with persistent protection and zero-delay updates provided by cloud-delivered DLP.
  • Easy deployment, natively integrated into existing control points, enabled throughout the entire enterprise in minutes.
  • The most cost-effective enterprise DLP, with the lowest TCO compared to legacy products.

Key Benefits

Enterprise DLP by Palo Alto Networks is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-delivered enterprise data loss prevention solution that discovers, monitors, and protects sensitive data across every network, cloud, and user. A single cloud service and predefined policies deliver data privacy and compliance easily and consistently, whether on-premises, across remote workforces, or in the cloud. Natively integrated with an organization’s existing security control points, Enterprise DLP lowers TCO by three times more compared to legacy DLP products by simplifying deployment and maintenance as well as eliminating the need for additional infrastructure (e.g., server deployments, proxies, software, databases, consoles, and appliances).

Consistent Policy Delivered by a Single DLP Engine

Implementing comprehensive DLP across an entire organization often requires customers to author and manually maintain policies in each environment, such as endpoints, networks, and clouds. Inconsistent policies produce incomplete protection, security blind spots, and shadow IT while demanding time-consuming policy management cycles. The Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP engine is centralized in the cloud, so data protection policies and configurations can be defined anywhere and automatically applied to all control points, wherever the data is. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time your organization adds branch offices or users, adopts new software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, or embraces multi-cloud infrastructure. Existing cloud-only data protection solutions are too limited in coverage, producing an ineffective leakage prevention.

Easy to Deploy, Update, and Scale

Many organizations face the reality that legacy DLP has become too complex to deploy and manage, inconsistent at scale, expensive, and resource-intensive—and therefore impractical to operate and sustain. This is because legacy DLP solutions are anchored by their on-premises infrastructure and scale using a costly bolt-on approach. Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP is delivered from the cloud across network inline, SaaS at rest, SaaS inline, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), branch offices, and remote workforces. It doesn’t need proxies, ICAP and additional infrastructure because it’s natively integrated as a service into the Palo Alto Networks’ existing control points. Unlike legacy DLP solutions, it simply deploys and scales across the entire enterprise in minutes, not months. The clouddelivered architecture of Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP also ensures that new protections and product updates are applied the instant they are released.

Use Cases

Prevent Data Breaches

Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP addresses the risk of a data breach by identifying sensitive information in various file types as well as monitoring, preventing, and governing unsafe movement and sharing violations with respect to that information.

Assist with Regulatory Compliance

Data privacy and compliance requirements are growing as industries, governments, and standard-setting bodies establish criteria for protecting information. Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP assists compliance efforts with tailored policies for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, and more.

Avoid Mistakes from Well-Meaning Employees

Malicious activity isn’t the only cause of data loss. It can also happen when employees make mistakes. In fact, well-meaning employees often inadvertently put corporate data at risk. Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP accounts for unintentional data exposure and educates employees on corporate policies to mitigate careless behavior and minimize the risk of data loss over time.

Protect Intellectual Property

Your IP is valuable, but it can be difficult to protect. Unstructured IP— source code, for instance—is difficult for many DLP solutions to detect. Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP applies the same protective rigor to your IP, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets, as it does to other sensitive data or PII.

Stop Malicious Insiders

In the wrong hands, privileged access presents a significant risk. Insider data theft activities are difficult to spot because they come from authorized sources with legitimate-looking use cases. Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP helps organizations identify malicious insiders and stop them from putting data at risk.


Traditional DLP solutions were not designed with workforce mobility and the cloud landscape in mind. As enterprises continue on the path to digital transformation for the foreseeable future, problems with complexity, administrative effort, and partial protection of sensitive data will only become exacerbated. A modern cloud-delivered DLP solution enables a more comprehensive and effective data protection approach. When natively integrated with a Next-Generation Firewall or delivered as part of a SASE, it enables organizations to continuously and consistently protect all sensitive data across network, cloud, and users regardless of location. As your organization continues its cloud transformation journey, consider not only how a modern, firewall-attached DLP solution can help meet your data protection needs, but also how a SASE solution can provide a holistic view of your entire network from a single unified, cloud-delivered service. Visit us online to learn more about how Enterprise DLP can protect and secure your company data, no matter where it is located.