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Internet of Things - Business Benefits

  • Turn unmanaged devices into managed devices. Gain visibility into all IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT devices, and control the largest contributor to risk: unknown devices.
  • Enjoy complete IoT security. Gain ML-powered visibility, prevention, and enforcement for every device in your network from a single platform.
  • Reduce the strain downstream with prevention. Built-in prevention stops threats as they arrive, eliminating the deluge of alerts on your security team.
  • Leverage your existing talent. Empower your existing security and operations teams to secure IoT without changing their practices, policies, or procedures.
  • Improve operational efficiency with integrations. Optimize cross-product operations and new security use cases across ITAM, SIEM, NAC, and more.
  • Use predictable and simplified licensing. Avoid exhausting device true-up models and get simple licensing based on network coverage.
  • Deploy easily and maximize ROI. If you already have our ML-Powered NGFWs, they’ll become IoT-aware with no more infrastructure required.
  • Don’t get caught with single-purpose sensors. For new customers, every IoT solution requires its own visibility sensor. Only with Palo Alto Networks, you can prevent threats, segment, and enforce policy as well.
  • Get security built for enterprise use cases. Secure IoT, whatever your industry: Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Government, Education, Manufacturing, Smart City, Utilities, and more.

Key Benefits

Protect Every Device on Your Network

Palo Alto Networks offers the industry’s most comprehensive IoT security solution, allowing you to stop threats and control the risk of IoT, IoMT, and OT devices on your network. Leveraging a machine learning-based approach, our cloud-delivered IoT Security service quickly and accurately discovers and identifies all unmanaged IoT, IoMT, and OT devices in real-time, including those never seen before. IoT Security uses crowdsourced data to identify anomalous activity, continually assess risk, and offer trust-based policy recommendations to improve your security posture. Combined with our industry-leading ML-Powered NextGeneration Firewall (NGFW) platform, IoT Security can prevent threats, block vulnerabilities, and automatically enforce policies either directly or through integrations, reducing the strain on your operations team and keeping devices safe. IoT Security deploys effortlessly from the cloud and requires no additional infrastructure.

Key Capabilities

Complete Device Visibility with ML-Based Discovery Accurately identify and classify all IoT and OT devices in your network, including those never seen before. IoT Security combines Palo Alto Networks App-ID™ technology for accuracy with a patented three-tier machine learning (ML) model for speed in device profiling. These profiles classify any IoT, IoMT, OT, or IT device to reveal its type, vendor, model, and more than 50 unique attributes, including firmware, OS, serial number, MAC address, physical location, subnet, access point, port usage, applications, and more. Bypassing the limitations of signature-based solutions in new device discovery, IoT Security uses cloud scale to compare device usage and eliminate soak time, validate profiles, and fine-tune models so no device will ever go unmanaged again. For healthcare customers, IoT Security provides additional operational insights into medical device allocation, usage, and utilization, along with healthcare device-specific risk assessment.

Prevent Known and Unknown Threats

Stop all threats headed for your IoT devices with the industry’s leading IPS, malware analysis, web, and DNS prevention technology. IoT devices are most susceptible to threats and cyberattacks. Our Unit 42 IoT Threat Report found 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, exposing personal and confidential data on the network. Together with 57% of IoT devices also being vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks, this makes IoT low-hanging fruit for attackers. Because of the generally low patch level of IoT assets, the most frequent attacks are exploits via long-known vulnerabilities and password attacks using default device passwords. With roughly one-third of network connected devices being IoT, alert-only solutions potentially add thousands of actionable security events per week, creating extra work for already inundated security teams to investigate and respond.

Seamlessly integrated with IoT Security, our cloud-delivered security services coordinate intelligence to prevent all IoT, IoMT, OT, and IT threats without increasing the workload for your security personnel. To decrease response times, IoT devices with validated threats can be dynamically isolated upon detection of threats by our ML-Powered NGFWs, giving your security team time to form remediation plans without risk of further infection from those devices. Enhance IoT Security further with any of our additional security subscriptions:

  • Threat Prevention: Go beyond traditional intrusion prevention system (IPS) solutions to automatically prevent all known threats across all traffic in a single pass.
  • WildFire® malware prevention service: Ensure files are safe by automatically detecting and preventing unknown malware with industry-leading cloud-based analysis.
  • URL Filtering: Enable the safe use of the internet by preventing access to known and new malicious websites before your users can visit them.
  • DNS Security: Disrupt attacks that use DNS for command and control and data theft without requiring any changes to your infrastructure.
  • Enterprise DLP: Minimize data breach risks, enable compliance consistently throughout the entire enterprise and in the cloud, and prevent unsafe data transfers against corporate policies.

Operational Benefits

The IoT Security subscription enables you to:

  • Limit operational and infrastructure overhead. No need to deploy and maintain siloed sensors, change processes, or create integrations—simply empower your existing security teams to get visibility into your devices.
  • Cut the time to deploy IoT security by 90%. Don’t wait for several months. Deploy IoT Security in minutes to identify and classify every IoT device, including unknown devices, within 48 hours.
  • Quickly discover all devices with machine learning. Take advantage of a signatureless approach to identify and understand rapidly changing IoT devices.
  • Understand full device context. Utilize IoT device information across your security operations for context-aware segmentation, policies, and incident response.
  • Save significant working hours in risk assessment, patching, and policy creation. Protect devices with automated risk analysis, policy recommendations, and behavioral profiling.
  • Enforce Zero Trust policies effortlessly. Allow only trusted IoT behaviors with App-ID™, User-ID™, and Device-ID™ technology on your ML-Powered NGFWs.
  • Fortify current workflows with additional IoT insights. Strengthen your current ITAM/ITSM, NAC, SIEM, and other use cases with native integrations.
  • Deploy and maintain with ease. Enable cloud-delivered subscriptions and manage your security centrally with Panorama™ network security management.

Leverage a single offering for comprehensive industry-specific intelligence. Secure across Healthcare, Enterprise IT, Oil and Gas, Smart City, and